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Beau Films

I have always been fortunate enough to know exactly what I wanted to do in life. Film has been something that has intrigued me since I was young, both as a technology and as a creative medium. After obtaining a degree and a diploma in film, I decided to take a job as a wedding videographer. I soon found love in filming weddings as it allowed me to tell a beautiful story of life and love through my eyes. I haven't looked back.

A wedding is more than an occasion- it is a moment in time that passes all too quickly, a chance to celebrate and indulge, and a story of two individuals sharing their lives together. It is an event that deserves to be acknowledged in a significant way. I create wedding films for those who want more than just a wedding video. I capture your real moments and experiences and create films that are authentic and engaging. Your wedding is important for so many reasons- your wedding film should be no different.

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